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For participating in Miles for Migraine - Dallas 2022

My Story…

Migraine is frequently misunderstood to be “just a headache”. In fact, it is a neurological disease that can be debilitating. More Americans suffer from migraines than from asthma and diabetes combined, yet migraine research is severely underfunded. Migraine is a major disease that receives about 1/20th that should be given to it based upon its impact. Since 2006 I’ve suffered with debilitating headaches. Migraines (the most common, affecting over 30 million people), SUNCT headaches, and cluster headaches (Clusters can be more severe than a migraine, but usually don't last as long. They’re the least common type of headaches, affecting less than 1 in 1,000 people). It is only with the years of research and treatment that I can live a full life. On Saturday March 19th, 2022 I am lacing up my sneakers and participating in the annual Miles for Migraine Walk/Run Dallas! With your support we can help change how this debilitating condition effects millions of people.

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